Monday started with the regular pickleball game. The next day Tuesday, Paula joined me to pre-ride the NCC Hilltowns gravel route, I plan to ride on Thursday.  We found a nice coffeeshop called Tangle Chocolat in Williamsburg, that had just opened up.

Tangle Chocolate coffeeshop

Later that day I raced up to Shutesbury from Pelham, I was to late for the mass start so halfway up saw the other riders come down already.

Parked the car at Cushman's for the Pelham Hill climb

Wednesday we had a pickleball ladder tournament, I ended up with a shared 3rd place that had to be resolved with a playoff that went my way.

3rd place pickleball ladder

Thursday the weather forecast was all rain, hence I canceled the NCC gravel ride and joined Paula to Concord for her collegue, Helena's birthday party. While the prep was in progress I had a short stroll through Concord center.

Since Paula had to stay until Saturday night, I had brought my bike and rode back on Froday from Concord to Conway a beautiful 90 mile ride corssing the middle of Massachusetts. I had a quick stop at Neil's in Princeton, who then joined me for bit bit. I finished the ride in just under 8 hours, including stops. I hit some really cool gravel roads near South Athol.

Neil joined me for part of the cross Mass ride

Saturday morning some more pickleball and on Sunday did a hike in the Conway hills with Paula.

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