I joined the Advent of Javascript challenge which runs from December 1st to December 24th. 24 Javascript code assignments one for each day.

I signed up for it as it seemed a great match for proofing my new web development framework Reken. The assignments are pre-created HTML pages, all completely styled. They just need interactivity added. This exactly the power of Reken. Bring HTML to live, as is, by adding some Reken HTML attributes to interact with it.

Reken - Fast reactive HTML compliant web pages
Reken - Fast reactive HTML compliant web pages

So far I have finished 14 assigments of the 24 and it is a blast, most of them were trivial to solve with Reken.

You can find all my solutions and source on this web page hosted on Github. So you can clone the repos to have a closer look at my solutions.

Reken solutions for Advent of Javascript
Solutions for the Advent of Javascript based using web development framework Reken