Monday took a day off the bike. Tuesday started with a ride coming back from the car mechanic. Left my car to have them put new winter tires on. Later when they were finished I rode back down to Deerfield to pick the car up. In the late afternoon did my tabata intervals. I felt tired and struggled to finish, was hard to keep the power up during the intervals. I had signed up for the NCC Zwift hill climb time-trial, but while pre-riding felt a twing in my right calve and decided to not race. Did not want to risk an injury with CX Nationals one week away.

Hence I was Wednesday off the bike as well, and did an ez spin on Thursday while watching the world cup soccer. The calve felt good.

Watching the World Cup

So on Friday I did openers for the Ice weasels race the next day. For openers I choose a route along Roaring brook road, it has a few gravel climb sections that are good for the VO2max efforts. A few start sprint efforts completed the openers. My calve felt fine, so was ready for Ice weasels.

Roaring brook for openers

The Ice weasels course is on a sandy motocross park, and with the rain it made for a challenging wet and sand/muddy race day. I started out with the Killer B 55+ race, it was mixed with the 45+ riders. I had a really good start with 6th position thru the first big corner. During the race a few mistakes and me fading a little, made me drop to 13th place. I still finished one place above prediction and got some really good points 367. In the 55+ category initially got the 3rd place and podiumed. But after there was a slight correction, it turned out, I had finished 4th.

Podium shot

Later in the day I raced the Fat bike race. I did not have the energy to go all out and therefor enjoyed the handups and riding the skinny. It was good fun, but super muddy and wet. A beer afterwards and it was time to go home.

The three bikes where very dirty after Ice weasels

The next day did feel my calve again, I massaged it with a hot stone that I had heated up on the woodstove. Surprisingly the pain subsided and did an ez spin to loosen it up.

Ride to get car fixed, openers in Conway and 2 races in Southwick