After a big week last week, this week a little "tamer", but still some interesting rides. Monday started out with an ez spin on the trainer for about 45 minutes to loosen up the legs.

Tuesday I went out with the Greenfield Hillclimbers. Dusty picked me up to drive to Bicycle World in Greenfield where the ride would start. I quickly went into the shop to get some bolts for the Honey chainring. I had stripped a bolt the day before. They were nice enough to search thru their bolt collection and thought we found one that would fit, but later home turned out it was too long. So will have to go back at some point.

Here the chainring and one of the bolts that attaches it to the spider

The ride went north with 7 riders. Not long after we did a long climb up Huckle Hill road towards Vernon, Vermont and then we went west and climbed Tyler Hill rd and ended up all the way in Guilford. The group had split up a little at that point and Terry, Steve, Dusty and I rode back along Brattleboro road steadily up towards Leyden. After a big descend we rolled back into Greenfield for a 40 miles loop with 2300ft of climbing.

"Cannon" mailbox on Huckle Hill

Wednesday took the day off to rest up for my big ride the next day. The ride was called "Go East". The route was 108 miles with 6,000ft of climbing and went from Conway via Princeton to Arlington.

108 mile route Conway to Arlington

First I descended into the valley and crossed the bridge over the Connecticut river at Sunderland. After following the river north for a few miles I veered off the right. Pretty soon I was climbing up towards North Leverett and lake Wyola.

Lake Wyola

Soon afterwards I was on one of my favorite gravel roads: Jennison, that brings you close to New Salem. At the end of Jennison things got a little challenging, the grader was out and the road was very soft except for a small patch of road on the left.

Grader on Jennison road

After safely passing the grader was back on the main road towards New Salem. In New Salem I took Belden Hill rd and descended towards the Quabbin reservoir.

Gate at Belden Hill rd, not a lot allowed at the Quabbin

Along the Quabbin I took the roads I had done the week before but now in reverse. Again the confusing signs whether you were allowod to ride them or not. I may have broken some rules. I did not enter the road with no bikes AND surveillance  cameras. Earlier than I expected I was back on paved road and entered Petersham and took quick stop at the Country store for some coffee and an oatmeal cookie.

Road thru the Quabbin

After a quick bathroom break was back on my way to Princeton. Somehow I got the finger from the local mail man, he seemed to think I took up too much of the road. A more friendlier face I encountered just before Hubberston when I rode past an other cyclist, we chatted for about a mile before we went our seperate ways.

Old Princeton road becomes a footbridge

After Hubberston I rode up old Princeton road and with a bit of climbing on the back of Wachusetts ended up at the highest point of the route, just before Neil's house.

Highest point of the ride, back of Wachussets

I was going to meet Neil and Mike to do part of the ride at Neil's. Mike had ridden up from Lexington and by the time I arrived Neil and Mike were already waiting for me.

Neil and Mike waiting for at Neil's house Merri. Beautiful, modern, aluminum clad walls and roof

When we finished our coffee we descended into Sterling. Traffic got busier already an. After Sterling we went up Redstone hill, a beautiful road, a much better alternative, running parallel to rt 62.

Soon we ended up in Lancaster, from there we headed towards Harvard, where Neil turned back home and Mike and I rode the regular KIT Harvard loop back towards Lexington. We did have 2 stops along the way. First in West Concord where I got some Coke and chips and Mike had a Gatorade and chips.

Mike and Neil descending Redstone hill road

From Concord we used Reformatory trail to get to Bedford and then went on the bike path towards Lexington. We did a long stop at Revolution Hall for some beers. Paula also came out for drinks and dinner. And we even saw Sandra for a bit who had a team event at the hall. Since I already rode more than 100 miles, had been thinking about putting my bike in Paula's car and skip the last bit. But then decided against it and rode the last few miles very slowly and finished just before dark.

Mike and I enjoying our well deserved beers at Revolution Hall in Lexington

The next day I met David and Mike and we did a 23 miles mixed terrain ride. Afterwards met Paula at the school and drove back West home to Conway. Later in Conway we got our 2nd booster shot, while I had a sore arm and got pretty tired, Paula got a fever and flue like symptoms, not fun.

Mike and David on the trails in Lexington

Saturday morning Mac and his dog Bohdie came to my house and we did a 4 mile trail run through the fields and woods behind my house. Some of the trails were still pretty wet and we had to run the last half mile along the road.

Mac and Bohdie in the Conway woods

Sunday still had low energy from the booster probably and could only do a quick loop to the CSA to pick up some milk. Unfortunately the milk was sold out.

CSA land with the chicken coop we get our eggs from

Overall a good week.

2 rides from Conway, 1 from Greenfield and 1 in Lexington