Decided to extend the training block with an extra week, as this weekend we were in Vermont with lots of cycling. Having a rest week did not seem to make sense. We'll have a rest week next week.

The week started with the NCC time trial series on Tuesday.  This week we did the Pelham climb. A 5.3 mile climb from the outskirts of Amherst upwards Shutesbury. Since I had meeting until late in the afternoon, drove near the start and parked at Cushman's, which gave me a 4.5 mile stretch to warmup.

Cushman market and cafe

I wasn't sure where the start was, I remember from the website it had said that there were 2 mailboxes. I had forgotten my phone and therefor could not double-check the photo of the start. In the end it turned out I had picked the wrong mail boxes to start. The climb itself was again hard to do as it was rolling and I had trouble keeping the power on the pedals. I think the good form I had on Saturday and Sunday had withered.

In the end I timed the climb in 21:34 with an average speed of 14.6mph and a avg power output of 271 watts. But that was from the wrong mail boxes which were 0.2 miles further from the official start. So I had to use my Stravsegment time which was unfortunate as it had included me setting up for the start costing me almost 1 minute and then the NCC Strava segment correction. Resulting in a "official" time of 23:07.

The correct mailboxes marking the start Pelham climb start

On Wednesday morning did my regular run. I took it a little easier as my left hamstring was bothering me. Then in the afternoon after work John and I did a quick ride at 5pm. I had to be back by 6pm for a meeting. Turned out it was good we had a deadline as we got caught by a thunderstorm and barely kept it dry.

On Thursday had to go to Lexington and did not ride Thursday and Friday. On Friday I drove to the Bike Barn in East Burke Vermont. We gathered there with a number of friends to ride up Mtn Burke, the roads and the Kingdom trails.

Saturday morning early we went up Mtn Burke 2400ft of elevation in 5 miles. I had brought the Honey which I used for the Time trials as it was lighter. Turned the gearing was not ideal going up Burke. On the steeper sections had a cadence of 45-50rpm which did not allow me to put out much power, just 200-250 watts. Also the saddle was not ideal it was pointing up too much. As a result I was just under 2 minutes slower than my fastest time with a time of 30:01 and average wattage of 251. The smallest gearing was 34 in the back and 36 up front. Not quite 1:1. Next time will need to fix that.

My 17 attempts going Burke in Strava segments

After breakfast we did a 65.5 mile ride towards Craftsbury, with 6500' elevation a long and hard climb. We stopped in Crafstbury for lunch and had a great sandwich.

Craftsbury group ride

On Sunday rode with Paula, Gary and Sarah for a short 13mile rt which we had to improvise a little on as it had a gnarly stretch the group rather did not do. This resulted in a detour on rt 5 but was made up by a nice section along Carter rd and the beautiful views along Burke Green rd.

Sarah, Garry and Paula on the shorter route

I had brought my fat bike and after luch I went for a quick ride on the Kingdom Trails. I had bought a KT yearly membership online. Since this was the first time took some easier trails did a loop along Wares Davis, Upper and Lower pond and then back to the barn on White School.

White school trail heading back to the Bike Barn

Veloviewer week overview

Rides in Conway, Amhurst and Burke areas