Still at East Burke, Vermont and still not feeling a 100%. On Monday memorial day Paula and I went for a 20 mile ride near the Bike Barn. I called the route "the ridges ride" as we first went over the ridge of Sugar house route and then back over North ridge road.

Sugar house at Sugar house rd

After Sugar house road I had us routed over Benton drive towards rt 5a. However when we rode down it, a truck that came by stopped and the driver indicated that road dead-ended. So we turned back and took East Ridge rd to 5a.

Paula with Burke in the background

After about a mile we turned left on Sargent's rd and climbed towards North ridge. This has beautiful vistas of Mt Burke and surroundings. When we came back we rode to Cafe Lotti in East Burke and ordered mochas and a sandwich. I also saw some of my Pedal Power team mates there. A bit later Jutta, Alexa, baby Mirabelle and Jutta's mom unexpectantly joined us and we had lunch together. Afterwards we packed and said goodbye to everyone. Paula drove back to Arlington and I drove back to Conway.

Wednesday I finally installed the new brakepads for the Fat bike. I also cleaned out the rotors and the brake assembly with alcohol. Now the brakes were finally quiet again. To celebrate went for a short ride through the field to the CSA. There I ran into David, who was busy plowing a field with his span of horses. He mentioned that every field is used for crop production one year and gets a year off with a recovery crop (Barley, Clover) after.

David and the horse span plowing the fields of the CSA

I returned along Reed's bridge. Halfway I got caught up by Dusty and Walter who just returned from their ride. We had to compare our tire sizes.

Fat bike vs road bike

After work Thursday I went for a ride with John. We did a loop along the newly paved Shelburne Falls rd and then via Shirkshire and Baptist corner to South Ashfield and then descended along rt 116 back into town.

John descending on the new Shelburne Falls rd asphalt

Friday's is the gentle people ride from Dusty's. This time we had 4 gentle people Pamela, Paul, Dusty and myself. The plan was to go to Sherburne and then take Cooper rd up and then looping back. I had forgotten to put (sun)glasses on, and with the pollen being pretty bad, I had to cut the ride short. I got a sore throut and headache from the pollen. After Bardwell's Ferry bridge, where Pamela got chased by a neighbor's dog I turned right. I rode along Hawkes, a beautiful road that turns into a jeep track at some point, and from there Upper rd and Hoosac back to Conway.

Hawkes rd

Not feeling 100% from the prior's day pollination, did not ride on Saturday. But did go for a hike with Paula, Margot and the dog Moose. We meandered around the South river and then came back via Parsons Hill drive.

Walk with Moose

On Sunday felt better and went for a ride outside. But now with sunglasses on. I took the Honey. It is setup for climbing with the 34t one-by and a 36t cog in the back. I rode out to Patten Hill. A partly gravel climb in Shelburne. Even though did not had all my power back, did manage to squeeze out a PR beating my old one from 2 years ago by 2 seconds in 14:48. Interestingly enough two years ago I averaged 289 watts and now only 271 watts. Must have been heavier riding then. Either me or the road surface.

Shelburne Falls with Patten Hill in the background

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Four rides from Conway and a ride in East Burke, VT.