After a tough ending of last week, fortunately time for an easier week.

Started Monday with a quick spin to the CSA, it was hot and took the opportunity to take a swim in the South river. Laying down in a rapid that massaged my body was a nice bonus.

South River dip

Tuesday after work rode with John with the goal to get a swim after the ride. But T-storms showed up earlier then forecasted and we actually had to cut the ride short and skip the swim.

Wednesday morning did a quick run, I had gotten a splinter in my foot the Sunday before and only now could walk and run, did keep it shorter then normal.

Cemetery Hill road

Then we had 3 days of rain and did not ride. I had played with the thought of riding on the trainer, but that did not happen.

Saturday after errands the weather started to get better. At the end of the ride went out for an hour a quick loop around Roaring brook. Halfway it started dripping again. I was lucky that I stopped for a quick photo at the top of Boyden as just before me on the descend a branch fell on the road. With the speed I normally go down there, it could have been ugly.

"Life saving" photo

Sunday morning I joined John, Jason and Sean on their long 100miles ride. I was just going for a part of it. When we hit Colrain it made a 360 and ride and shortcutted to the return leg. It was routed thru Sherburn Falls, where I got a cappucino at Baked Bakery. It is very close to the Dam in the Deerfield river, where I sat down with an overview of the Glacial potholes.

Shelburne Falls view of the Salmon falls at my cappucino stop

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62 miles and 4780ft of climbing in this recopvery week