Monday thru Wednesday stayed at Ingrid and Fons in Hattemerbroek. Monday rode by myself for 16 miles in the Zwolsche bos.

Tuesday did a ride with Paula and Ingrid over the heather fields and back along the   Apeldoornse kanaal.

Wednesday morning went for a 3.3 mile run nearby and in the afternoon went for a 24 mile ride with Fons, Ingrid and Paula in a loop around the military fields of  t'Harde

Thursday we started our trip with the campervan and had our first stop near Valkenburg, there we did a short 12.5 mile around the campsite which was at the top of the Cauberg.

The next morning we did another 13 mile loop in the area that included the steep climb of the Keutenberg. In the afternoon we arrived at a campsite in Luxemburg. I went out by myself for 17 mile route mainly on trails.

Saturday we arrived in Arc-en-Barrois near Dijon france where we rode a beautiful 10 mile gravel loop amidst the sunflowers.

The next morning I did a 3.5 mile run on the same gravel roads and picked up bread on the way back. In the afternoon we arrived on a campsite south of Lyon and rode a 12.5 mile loop along the river the Rhone.

Rides and runs this week in Holland, Luxemburg and France.