Since I introduced my opensource project Reken in May last year. I added a whole bunch of features to Reken.

Even last week I checked in a massive update that brought a whole bunch of bug fixes, but also more control over Rest calls,  support for File upload and bind-able component arguments. The latter is exciting as it allows creating of components that can provide data back to its surroundings. Reken is currently in version 0.4.2, still a pre-release.

My check-in activity for Reken

Most of the fixes and features were based on my experience building a number of applications with Reken. Some of the applications I have been working on are Cyclocross lap detector and analyzer, a Tax planning application, a tire pressure application and I am toying with a spreadsheet program. More to come on these.

Partial Lap Analyzer screenshot

My experience with Github were I am hosting the code allowed me to add a number of automatic Github actions. For example the actions automatically generate a minified and gzipped version of the application. It also automatically creates a html document from the markdown readme, which currently contains all the Reken documentation.

Screenshot of Reken home page

But the most exciting was that this week I bought the domain name and hosted a Reken landing page with links to all demos, the REPL and the documentation in one place.

As part of the effort I also created a logo for Reken, with a little help from freelogoservices. I liked this particular logo as it is a mingling of the blue and orange elements. The color blue representing HTML and the color orange the Reken sprinkled in between to make the whole of an application.

Reken logo