Monday back from Aruba, went for my first back ride in Conway. Did a quick 17 mile loop towards South Ashfield and back over Main and North Poland. During the ride I noticed my right arm was flexible and strong enough again to grab my phone out of my right back jersey pocket.  I hadn't been able to do that last year when I hurt my shoulder. Once I realized it was "frozen" shoulder and worked it with agility and strengthening exercises, it got better. And right handed photos from the bike again.

Back in Conway

The next day was the last NCC Zwift Hill climb race. We raced up Alpe du Zwift and I finished in 54:26, my 2nd best time. This time I had started too fast and had to  pay for it in the 2nd half.  Average power was 275 watts. When I got my best time in December I was 47s faster with 277 watts and I was only 1 pound heavier than then. Which seems a big difference with such a small power and weight difference. Perhaps different bike / wheels back then?

Going up Alpe du Zwift, notice the slow power slide with a peak at the finish

Wednesday I did a 40 mile loop through the valley. I met David at the bridge in Sunderland to ride most of the route together. Unfortunately the effort the night before, took its toll and my temporary (slow carb) diet caused me to bonk pretty badly in the last 10 miles. I had brought some nuts and dried fruits but turned out not enough to keep the bonk at bay. Came back home on fumes. David was kind enough to wait for me. Bardwell's Ferry rd felt pretty long and steep that day.

David and I along the Deerfield river

The next day took a day off to recover. But Friday was back on the bike for the Gentlemen's ride (soon to be called Gentleperson's, Gentlepeople's?) organized by Dusty and Gary. Both also from Conway. The route took us first north and then back passed Greenfield thru the west part of the Pioneer Valley to Whately and then back to Conway for 42 miles. There was a good turnout with 6 riders from Conway and 2 from Greenfield. Pace was moderate and plenty of opportunity to chat. In West Whately; Dusty and 2 other continued for an extra loop towards Williamsburg. Gary, Paul and myself turned back. Walter and Bill headed back to Conway in West Deerfield.

Gary, Paul, Dusty and Ben riding up Bartwell's Ferry rd

After the weather being a wash on Saturday, Sunday it cleared up. Paula went for her first bike ride of the year. So we took it easy towards Bardwell's Ferry bridge and back. Paula had to work, but did well. It is a steep climb, but the vistas are worth it.

Paula and I on Bartwell's rd

After lunch met up with John and Pamela at their house to join Shane and Jenny for a ride. They were staying in the valley and joined for a ride. Since Paula and I had to go back to Arlington later in the afternoon joined them for a short loop towards Shirkshire, where they continued on and I turned back over Pine hill. Two short rides just shy of 20 miles but more than 2,000ft of climbing.

Jenny and Pamela turning into Pine Hill rd

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116 mile in my own backyard again