Still feeling congested and took Monday and Tuesday off from cycling. I did go for a walk and a pickleball session on Monday.

Emerson Hollow road, just before running into the puppy.

Felt only Wednesday better to do a quick spin on the bike. Rode down Reed's bridge and along Shelburne Falls road, a short loop through Conway back. Had a couple stops in Conway. First, to make sure a puppy did not follow through town. It finally stuck by riding back and forth to the owner's house a few times. The owner was still in the middle of puppy training. Later almost home, I ran into Sarah and Kathy. Only 6.9 miles but a start.

Rail road crossing behind Atlas farm

Encouraged by that ride, went for a longer ride the next day and, combined with an errand to buy some veggie seeds for the vegetable garden. The loop went first towards the Atlas Farm on rt 5. From there, I rode around Deerfield towards River Street, crossing 116 just West of the river and via Westbrook and West Whately back to Conway.

Dirt road behind Atlas farm

Friday, I volunteered to set up the Massochistah's Dirty Route signage. I took the Honda Fit and drove the whole route (except the crossing of Pine Hill). Aimé had made all the signs (some from previous editions), and him putting them in the correct order in the back of the car made it a no-brainer for me to put them out.

Setting up Massochistah signage

When I was done, I took my bike and rode a quick 10-mile loop, including Pine Hill, to ensure it was passable for the official Massochistah ride the next day.

Lama and cow along Pine Hill road

According to my Massochistah sign-up, I was supposed to ride the Gurty route at 8am, the longest and most challenging of the 3 courses. But since I was still congested and not at my best, I rode the shorter 31-mile Dirty route. Earlier, I posted an extensive write-up about the event, which was also posted on the NCC website.

Aimé and Jonathan getting ready to send off the Gurty riders

Sunday, Paula and I traveled to Austria, and hence no riding.

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