Monday started with a pickleball session. This week I would do 4 pickleball sessions. That is 8 hours of pickleball. Seems I am getting addicted to this game.

Pickleball on Saturday

Tuesday is now intervals day. I did three sets of the Miracle intervals. Each set consists of 4 intervals of 30s with a 60s break. Power averages were: 357, 395, 450, and 460. The second set had: 443, 443, 447, 454. The last set had 443, 455, 457, and 453. Heartrate peaked at 169 bpm. Last time it was 172.

Miracle intervals

I planned a long ride on Wednesday and asked Dusty if he wanted to join me. He could, and he invited Melissa along as well. The route took us to Leverett and Wendell. Early into the ride, Dusty's rear wheel developed a slow leak on his tubeless tire, and had to turn back. I continued by myself and met up with Melissa in Leverett. From there, we headed towards Lake Wyola. We skipped Rattle snake gutter as the rough gravel would have been too harsh on Melissa's road tires. We detoured to visit a Kiln I had yet to see before.

Kiln in Leverett

I took a left towards Montague in Wendell, and Melissa returned to Shrewsbury. It was my first time riding down this road to Montague. It was paved but had beautiful vistas. I returned to Conway via Greenfield and quickly stopped at the pickleball field. A 58-mile ride with 3700ft of climbing. Oh, and we climbed up toward Lake Wyola David passed us in the car and chatted for a bit.

Melissa maneuvering the closed bridge Leverett

Dusty and I went for a run on Thursday morning. A 3+ mile loop which we completed in 36 minutes. Running is still not smooth but hopefully will get back into it again. In the afternoon I went to Baystate Medical to get my heart monitor installed. I have to wear it for 2 weeks while it is recording heart activity. The device is a Zio and is worn with on the chest. It has a button that you can press if you have chain pain or other heart related issues.

Installed heart monitor

When Paula got home from Arlington on Friday, we did a quick spin to the CSA to pick up some milk. It was great to be out as the weather was beautiful. At the CSA we ran into some other Conwegian riders and had a Snowich.

Other than playing pickleball on Saturday,  I was working on home projects.

I did more chores on Sunday, and I had some energy to go for a ride in the late afternoon. The route looped over Main Poland and turned back via Nash Hill. I made it into an interval ride and attacked all the uphills. I had nominal power of 246 watts, resulting in a TSS of 116 in the 80mins of riding.

Nash Hill

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