With a clearance from the cardiologist to ride normally again. A busy week. It started with the usual 2-hour pickleball session on Monday. Outside again, and the wind was definitely playing tricks with us.

View from Academy rd on Pumpkin Hollow, Conway

I started with a short run Tuesday morning. My body was not used to that anymore and felt that the following days.
In the afternoon did interval training. Three sets with 4 x 30sec Vo2Max efforts, each with a 1-minute recovery. I started the first set with 350 watts efforts. Still, I could harder, and in the last 2 sets, I could average over 400 watts with some intervals even hitting over 450. Off course kept a close eye on my heart rate. No spikes, but it gradually went to a peak of 172 bpm.

Vo2Max intervals

I also did another pickleball session with the intermediate to advanced group in the town hall. That was challenging but lots of fun.
Since it was rainy on Wednesday, I spun out the legs on the indoor trainer for 40 minutes.

The next day, the weather had cleared up, and I asked Dusty if he wanted to join me for a ride south toward Northampton. We rode 37 miles. The last few hills definitely felt the interval efforts earlier in the week.

Dusty on Hemenway rd

I drove to Arlington on Friday as my daughter Margot was in town. That also gave me a chance to ride with Mike on Saturday morning. We did a mixed terrain ride through Lexington, Lincoln, and then back through Concord and Bedford.

Mike entering the wildlife tunnel to cross rt 2.

All the trails I used to ride when I still lived in Lexington. In the afternoon, Paula, Margot, and I walked on the Battle rd and had a picnic on a bench.

Nice picnic spot along the Battle rd.

Sunday, no cycling, but we headed into Boston to sniff up some artsy air in the Museum of Fine Arts and did some shopping after. That night I drove back to Conway.

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