Monday morning early, I joined John and Jay for another Fat bike ride in the Conway Hills. We had to back in time before 9. The proposed route would require us to ride quickly and without pause.

John and Jay before we went our sperate ways

I brought my GoPro and wanted to try out my new remote for it. And since my legs were still tired decided to do an abbreviated version of the route, and make some footage with the GoPro. I was able to take some fun footage crossing bridges and fording creeks. I was also able climb a steep ascent, I had been struggling with in the past, for the first time. That was very satisfying. Moving the weight forward by sitting on the front of the saddle did the trick.

Fat bike cockpit with lights, GoPro and remote.

The next day there was the 2nd NCC time trial of the year. We raced the 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit a 8.6 mile rt with 280 ft of climbing. I ended up 4th behind Dusty, Jonathan and Zinj. Average wattage was 294 watts for the 22 minute effort.

The next morning started with a beautiful sunrise and some more Fatbiking with John (See cover photo).

Morning Sunlit stonewall

We did a 7 mile loop in the Conway Forest with 1234ft of climbing. In the afternoon I went skiing with Dusty and Melissa for the first time this season. Not a lot snow but good to try the skis again. I had the skis prepped and they seemed to ski well.

Dusty, Melissa and myself

Thursday with the NCC indoor road race series we were back again at the Harrogate course, now we did a slightly abbreviated version in reverse. Two laps and each had 4 short but stingy climbs and definitely thinned the more than 150 riders out into a small lead group and I finished 8th as part of that group. Perhaps could have finished better, but I was looking at the wrong avatar when starting the sprint and while he was racing away I was preserving my power and once I realized that it was already too late to make a difference in the sprint. Still was happy to be able to hang in there with the leaders.

Warmup and then race. No time for recovery in this race.

Before the race I did some extensive warmup. First a 20 minute row exercise with a youtube video that showed proper technique. Then did my leg strength exercise before jumping on the bike trainer for some tabatas. It seemed to have helped opening my legs for the race.

Pickleball action photo

After a break from the bike on Friday did a quick spin on the trainer Saturday. In the morning Paula and I played pickleball in the Conway town hall. We have been  playing since the fall, first outside and the last 2 months indoor. I also play on Monday nights. So overall get 4 hours of pickleball in each week.

John, Jay and Newton. r2l.

Sunday John, Jay and I went another Fat bike ride in the Conway hills. After 2 hours, 12.5 miles and 2200ft of climbing was time for my birthday brunch with champagne as John and Pamela came over to watch the Dutch CX Nationals.

Dutch CX Nationals on TV and a little champagne celebration for my b-day.