After last week's adventures I was exhausted. This planned recovery week was desperately needed.

This week started on Tuesday with an easy recovery spin on the trainer. I had no energy. I had been mowing the lawn earlier in the day. Perhaps allergies were at play. While easy pedaling was doing some coding and before I knew it 30 mins had passed.

The beavers at Leominster state park have been busy

On Friday had driven the Honda Fit to Arlington for my son to use while he was in the Boston area. I drove back with Paula Friday afternoon and we stopped halfway for a hike in the Leominster state forest. We hiked for about an hour on the mountain bike trails. After the hike we met Neil for beers at the Wachusetts beer garten in Westminster.

Paula hiking up the mountain bike trail at LSF

Saturday I seemed to have my energy back, but had been busy with all kinds of errands and did not have a chance to go out for a ride. It had been hot in the 90s and Sunday promised to be the same.

The "Eye" tree

There for Paula and I decided to got for an early ride before it heated up. We rode what we call the milk bottle route. It starts towards West Whately and then via Whately back to Conway. When we arrived in West Whately we saw Jonathan and number of other NCC gravel riders at the beginning of their ride. After chatting for a bit we rode on towards Whately.

In front of the Pioneer valley

In Whately we went to the scenic view spot behind the post office where you have a great view of the Pioneer valley. We then rode along the giant milk bottle back to Conway. All in all a 21 mile loop.

Milk bottle in Whately

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A ride in Conway and a hike in Leominster state forest