I ended up with a little less than the 588 TSS the training plan required. Which was probably OK with last week going way over.

On Monday I participated again in a NCC winter series Zwift crit race. The race consisted of 8 laps on the Bell Lap course in Crit City. Despite no riding on Sunday my legs were still tired from the intense ride on Saturday.

NCC Winter series - Bell Lap 8 laps in Crit City - Henry van den Broek’s 14.0 mi bike ride
Strave recording of the crit race

The race lasted just over 20 mins and I averaged 293 watts with an NP of 296. I was able to hang with the lead group. But it costed me considerable effort. In the last lap worked my way to the front of the group during the rollers and hoped the pace would drop a little to recover before the final stretch. Unfortunately that did not happen and I dropped back to the tail of the group and had to work hard to stay with it, that ruined my changes for a good finish. And the sprint I had in mind never materialized, only average 412 watts in the last 15secs. I did have an aero helmet power up which gained me a few spots.

First and Last lap of the race.

I finished 12th on the Zwift Power rankings. And 4h of the NCC racers, here the NCC results post. I made a video recording of the race with the OBS video recording software and summarized it to first and last lap. I added a little soundtrack with some TRON sound effects.

The indoor class entered week 11. Rick presented on Tuesday and it was my turn on Thursday. We made progressions on the standing climb to 12 accelerations from 9. In the VO2Max workout we did 8 intervals and the race winning effort we increased the lead-out time to 3.5 min and ended the effort with a 20s acceleration and finished with a 10s all out sprint. Here the workout profile of the class.

Week 11 Virtual training workout plan

After the indoor class joined the NCC group for a Zwift social ride on Queen's highway on the Yorkshire world.

Wednesday was planning an outdoor ride, but felt I needed to recover and only did a quick ride to the CSA for milk and yoghurt.

Thursday after the indoor class raced the NCC Zwift hillclimb / TT Series. The course was the Epic KOM in Watopia. It is 5.84 miles long and has an elevation of 1196ft. It took me 23mins and 53s with an average wattage of 282. That resulted in a 4th place.

Week 8 Results: NCC Zwift Winter Hill Climb/Time Trial
For the eighth week of the NCC Zwift Winter Hill Climb/Time Trial Series, we travelled to Virginia.

Saturday rode with John, I took it ez. We headed north and climbed up Thompson rd. On the top we were welcomed by a beautiful view and saw both Mt Graylock as well Mt Monadnock. The view was then followed by a roller coaster descend. On the way back ran into Russ who was doing his daily ride and we rode back to Conway together.

View after climbing Thomson rd near Colrain

Sunday Paula and I had planned a hike but the weather was so nice that we hung out at the deck and cleaned branches in the yard. I did do a quick ride to the CSA for more dairy.

South river on the way to the CSA

Here the summary of this week's outdoor activities on Veloviewer.

Veloview summary of this week's outdoor activities