Tuesday the NCC timetrial got canceled due to rain. Instead I did a training ride on Zwift. I used the NY Central Park course to do a cyclocross oriented interval training. This was similar to a training I had done before. The intervals are based on the grades of the course. If the grade is higher then 0% then do an effort of 320 watts or higher, which is 120% of my ftp. If the grade equals to 0% then ride at your ftp and of the grade is negative than take a break with a slow pedal.  I was able to keep it up for over 40 mins and stopped once I reached a 100 tss.

Time in powerzones

Wednesday morning went out for my weekly run, felt good and did my fastest splits on my regular 5k run with a 9.03min/mi pace. What helped as well was the moderate temps.

Lap times on my regular 5k run

On Thursday went to the NCC Thursday Night right. Somehow my Wahoo Element was not fully charged and shutdown after 1 hr just before arriving in Northampton. I was able to record the remainder of the ride with Strava on my phone, which also happened to be on fumes.

Charlie explaining the route and rules

The climb towards South Ashfield was hard and with 2 other rides we chased the lead group to no avail. After a regroup in Ashfield the descend into Conway was a litte chaotic. Some riders were pullling so hard that more than half of the other riders were blown of the back.

When I pulled of the group in Conway, a rider I did not know asked me if was going to ride the Kingdom Graveleur ride in Vermont. I had heard of the ride organized by Mike. I looked it up that night and turned out it was this weekend.     I asked Mike if he still had a spot available, which he did.

Part of the Kingdom Graveleur poster

So on Saturday I rode the Kingdom  Graveleur ride in Vermont, 100 miles (well the route was 99.5) which by itself is an effort. But add 95% gravel roads, 12k+ feet of climbing and some rain at the end of the ride and you have a 10+ hour epic ride with a TSS of more than 350.

Kingdom Graveleur route and elevation profile

Overall a good end of this training block riding with a long endurance effort after 2 intensive rides.

Here the Veloviewer overview

Two rides, a run good for 141 miles and almost 15k ft of climbing