This was a recovery week after, a longer than normal, 4 week training block. Looking back at the 4 weeks, I did not reach my TSS goals, for various reasons. The goals are increasing every block and the last 2 weeks of the block are just too ambitious. So I'll make some adjustments. I'll tone them down and let them no longer increase every block. Hopefully this will make them more achievable and more in line with the amount of time I can and want to spend on the bike.

Annual training plan, notice the gray bars on top, missing my targets

On Memorial day we were still at the Bike Barn. After 2 nice days it had rained all night, fortunately it cleared up in the morning a little. John, Rob and I went out on the mountain bike trails of the Kingdom trails. I had brought my fat bike and the ride was a blast with some fast swooping turns and nice berms. Really loved this ride. So will do some more mount bike riding with my fat bike this summer.

Rob and John on Darling hill 

After having bought Kingdom trails membership online on Friday the receipt and the membership sticker arrived. Not only can I ride there on Labor day weekend,  but I can also go in the winter and do some snow fat biking on the trails.

Kingdom trails membership 2021

Tuesday was supposed to do the NCC long time trail but since I was tired from the weekend of riding(and partying) in Vermont decided to skip it.

Wednesday morning did my regular 5k run. My left knee started to bother a little after the run. I really have to do an easier pace next time. In the afternoon after work went for a ride with John. Short loop up 116 and then back over Main Poland road. The we saved a very young fawn from the road. Hopefully it found it mother deer again.

Young fawn along the side of the road

Saturday and Sunday was hot in the 90. On Saturday Paula and I did work in the vegetable garden, bought and planted various vegetable plants. In the afternoon finally got back to work in the garage to install the drywall.

On Sunday morning Paula and I drove to the Connecticut river and did a 20 mile loop on beautiful quiet roads along the west and east side of the river. The first section was a dirt road macLelland farm road. It was marked closed for good reason as it turned out to be an obstacle course with downed trees and part of the road being washed out.

On River road we ran into Zinj a fellow rider I met at the NCC indoor Zwift riding. After chatting for a bit each continued our ride, we some him again on the east side of the river. Shortly after that Paula and stopped for iced coffee at the Book mill in Montague. All in all a good ride to finish the recovery week.

Veloviewer  overview of the recovery week.

Week overview (without Kingdom trails ride)