With the Henry's killer fries recipe I have been making the fries on a regular basis. The recipe is super fast and easy and makes almost fat free, crispy on the outside soft on the inside, fries.

I decided to make the "labor intensive" part, slicing the potatoes, easier. This is where the Sopito French Fry cutter comes it. This was not cheap kitchen device as I was looking for a quality cutter without plastic parts (one exception, more on that later).

It needs to be strong in order to press a large potato through the cutting blades. The Sopito has a long stainless steel handle that can give you enough leverage to do exactly that.

The cutter comes almost completely constructed out of the box. The only part that needs to be installed is the handle. Just two bolts and nuts to attach the handle. Then the cutter is ready to use. I did rinse it before used.

Sopito parts.

Cutting itself is easy, pull the lever up which draws the pushing plate back. Insert a potato and push the lever down to push the potato thru the cutting blades. Out come beautiful 1/2 inch thick fries. With 4 potatoes I had enough fries for 4 servings. All depends on the size of the potato off course.

Potato being cut

Cleaning is relatively easy. You can take out the pushing plate (the only plastic part) and clean it with soap and water. The part which is a little harder to clean is the cutting blades. You need to be careful as they are sharp. But you can brush them clean with a regular dish brush.

Sliced 1/2" potatoes

Storing the cutter is a little harder as it is relatively big and heavy, and therefor a little unwieldy. I have it stored high up in kitchen cabinet which is not ideal. Need to find some space in a lower cabinet.

In case the blade becomes blunt after multiple uses you can buy replacement blades. Installation seems straigh forward with 4 wing nuts.

1/2" cut fries 

After making one batch of fries pretty happy with the cutter so far. I can see when you have some more dinner guests, it will be very efficient to create a large batch of fries.