Monday Paula and I went for a 3 mile hike on Poplar hill. Poplar hill is a research center for Smith college. Since the trails were icy, we both wore our yak-trax.I had routed the trails on ridewithgps, most overlapped with the marked trails. However the last loop from the ridewithgps route was not marked and we ended up following a trail that went to wrong way so we had to backtrack. In the afternoon I rowed for 30 minuteds on the rower, followed by 30 mins on the rollers. I had setup the Honey bike with indoor tires.

Yaktrax to help stay upright on the icy trails

On Tuesday I rode a 26 mile loop on the roads into the hills around Ashfield, then towards Buckland and via Sherburne Falls back to Conway. I had installed my fenders on the Seven and everytime there was some sand on the road it would make some noise between the front wheel and the fender. Guess will need to adjust them a little. Just before returning into Conway, I ran into John who was in his way out for a ride after work.

Christmas decorations along Steady Ln Rd 

Wednesday morning it had snowed a little and I went out for my weekly 5k run. Conditions were fine, not too slippery. When I got back, Paula and I went to the Old mill in Hatfield for some breakfast. Afterwards we hiked up Sugarloaf mountain. We went up via the trail which proved to be a bit adventurous towards the end. It got steep and slippery and we needed to support eachother to get up the last section. The way back we walked down the access road, which was much easier.

View from Sugarloaf towards Sunderland

On Thursday I did an easy 40 minute indoor spin and watched the Dutch Olympique Qualifying tournament. This was part of a 4 day event and was super competitive.

Friday new years eve was a rest day. I had made Oliebollen and Appelflappen, typical Dutch New year's treats.

Oliebollen in the fryer

New Year's day was gray and foggy, it was supposed to rain all day and since it did not, John and I rode a 26 loop towards Williamsburg via North and Main Poland and back over Whately rd. John pointed out an alternative to rt 9 that went via Adams rd  to Mountain rd and then Whately rd.

John emerging from the fog

Sunday I rowed my regular 30 minutes on the rower, I had eaten some yoghurt an hour before and it caused me to have low blood sugar as I got some bonkish feelings half way, but at the end got better again. I concluded the session with a 20 min spin on the indoor trainer.

The week on Veloviewer

Rides and run from Conway