After spectating the CX worlds over the weekend, Neil and I drove on Monday to my sister Ingrid in Hattemerbroek. When we arrived, Fons, my brother-in-law, was also at home. We decided to go for a ride.

Fons and Neil

Fons had a nice mountain bike route that was near their house. The official route was about 30 miles, but we cut it short to about 20 miles. Along the way had a little crash when I misunderstood Fons; He warned about bumps coming up. I was not concerned about bumps, but they were 1-foot drops. There were 3 in a row. I managed the first 2 but after the 3rd lost control of the bike. Fortunately, no Henrys were hurt in this mishap. The rest of the ride went uneventful but had beautiful foresty roads. Every time I am surprised about how much forest there is in that area.

Neil and Ingrid

On Wednesday flew back to Boston and stayed in Arlington for the night. On Thursday, I drove back to Conway. That evening I raced with NCC on a Zwift race. The race was in the new Zwift world in Scotland. It went pretty well, was able to keep in the lead group in the rolling course. In the final sprint, which was uphill, I went too early and had to let a few of my NCC team members pass me at the last moment.

Schiphol before returning to Boston

The next day it was beautiful spring-like weather. I contacted Dusty to see if he was interested in a ride. We went for a 38mi ride in a whipping wind, especially in the valley, heading south. But we had a slight tailwind on the way home from West Whately. It was great to ride outside on a regular bike again.

The Santa mower procession on the ride with Dusty

Saturday morning played Pickleball with Paula and other regulars at the Conway town hall. Later that afternoon, I did an easy spin on the trainer.

Since it was relatively mild weather on Sunday, and Paula and I went for Paula's first ride of the season. We ride to Bartwell's Ferry bridge and back.

Paula on the Bartwell's Ferry bridge

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