In 2016, I released the first version of Ride PSI. Ride PSI calculates the tire pressure based on weight, tire width, and bike setup. It was built based on the popular 3rd-party technologies of the time: jquery, jquery-ui, and knockout.

Quick Ride PSI overview video

The 2.0 version is built using my Web development framework Now, it no longer needs these third-party libraries. With this transition to the startup time improved by 300%, according to Chrome Lighthouse. The download size decreased from 593kb to 94kb, an improvement of 600%. These are both uncompressed numbers. It is 43kb compressed for the new Ride PSI, and more than half of that was for the imagery.

Ride PSI is available on the web with the domain name You can also buy it as a $1.99 app on the Apple and Google app stores.

Unfortunately, Google somehow disabled my development account, and I had to release Ride PSI 2.x as a new app on the Play store under a new account. On the Apple store, the latest version is available as an update if you bought the previous version.

‎Ride PSI - Bike Tire Pressure
Ride your bike comfortably without sacrificing performance. Let Ride PSI individually calculate the optimal tire pressure for your bike’s front and rear tires. The PSI calculator can optimize tire pressure for a race, city, or randonneur bike. Supports three weight units: Pounds, Kilograms, and Sto…
link to Ride PSI on the Apple App store

If you purchased the 1.0 Android version, let me know, and I'll give you a free download code for the new app.

Ride PSI - Bike tire pressure - Apps on Google Play
Easy and visual way to calculate the tire pressure of your bike
link to Ride PSI on the Google Play store

The feature set and UI are still the same. I did add a few new features around sharing. First, the application allows you to copy the pressure calculations to the clipboard and share them via email, text, or social media.

Share button at bottom of the screen, copies selections into clipboard
🚲 RidePSI
Weight Rider + Bike: 190lbs
Tire width: 32mm
Bike type: Race
Front tire pressure: 44psi
Back tire pressure: 66psi
Never exceed tire's max/mins.
Results copied in your clipboard.

Another feature is that you can share/bookmark the link to the web version as it is alway updated with the current tire pressure calculation input selections.

Share/Save/Bookmark with the Mac Share button

I also made it clearer what pressure unit you are looking at with a psi or bar indicator right underneath the rider.

New tire pressure unit indicator

The first improvement I want to make is to increase the number of tire width sizes that the app supports. Currently, it supports 23, 25, 28, 32, and 38mm tire sizes. I want to increase that to a range of 20mm to 50mm.

The second is to add another option for bike type. This option would add a weight distribution of 50% between the two wheels.

Let me know what you think of the new version at [email protected].