Well the recovery week was much needed. Not only to recover from all the cycling the weeks before, but also from all the all the aches and pains, enough to fill an ER. Whine on:  "My ongoing sore shoulder", "The bruised ribs from the falls last week" and the "the flue-like aftermath of the 2nd Covid vaccination last Wednesday." Whine off.

Monday did an ez spin for 7 miles and see how the ribs were on the bike outdoors. Was definitely a little too soon to bump around.

Shades of green along the South river

On Wednesday afternoon went out to get my 2nd vaccination shot and felt fine in the afternoon. I thought would take advantage off it and do a 1 hr sweetspot effort up the Alpe du Zwift. Sweetspot efforts are in the lower end of the Threshold (zone 4). The story is that sweetspot effort give you the benefit of endurance rides without being tired and avoids the longer recovery time of more intensive rides. Hence the name sweetspot. Which turned out to be true, legs were fine after and next day.

2x20 + 1x10m sweetspot effort

Late Thursday the vaccine shot effects kicked in and did not ride until Saturday, and even then did not feel like it. Paula and I went to the CSA for some groceries and rode the gravel on Reeds bridge road. Later that evening my ribs were not happy.

View from Zehra Fiske road

Sunday Paula and went for a longer spin over to Bartwell's Ferry, crossed the Deerfield river and did a loop along Thompson rd. The weather started out really nice. But at the end of the ride dark clouds started to appear and just by the time we got home, it started to rain. Nice two hour ride. Now see how the fitness test will go tomorrow.

Bartwell's ferry bridge over the Deerfield river.

Here the close to home rides on Velo Viewer.

No too much riding this week. But the ride with Paula towards Bartwell's ferry bridge and beyond was fun.