Since we moved to Conway in 2020, we have been regular customers of Natural Roots. Natural Roots is a horse powered farm. It functions as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Every year we buy our summer farm share. With fresh veggies all summer. We also buy eggs of their chickens and the locally produced yoghurt from Side Hill farm.

Now receded South river

On Monday July 10th the South river, which runs along the farm's fields, flash flooded and within a short time the water rose over the fields. The staff was up to their chest to save the chickens that had their coop in the field. All the crop were submerged and it looks like it is all lost.

On Tuesday Paula and I went to help with clean up and trying to put the vegetables back up and pack the exposed roots. We cleared crop covers and put the tomatoes, kale, brocoli and sunflowers back on their feet. It might have been for naught, as the silt may have contaminated the crops and are not safe for consumption anymore.

The next day, Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll, came to visit and assess the damage. The Greenfield recorder has an article about the event.

Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll talking with Farmer David (photo Josh Qualls, governer's photographer)

The farm estimates about $85,000 in damages. And has started a Go fundme page and as if this moment raised more than half of the funds. Please donate if you can.