Last year I wrote a Web application called Word Muse. Word Muse can help you find words for Wordle when you get stuck. I called it then Muse Words, but thought that Word Muse sounded better; hence I renamed it.

Another feature I added is the ability to specify letters that are not in the word. entering the known letters and question marks, all the following letters will be marked red in the keyboard and not included in the word finding algorithm.

Notice the letters in red not included in the word finding

The nice thing about Web applications is that with Cordova's help you can fairly quickly create an app by wrapping the html, javascript, and css of the original web app with a native shell.

‎Word Muse 5 letter word assist
Let Word Muse do the letter crunching for you, as Word Muse will help when you get into that mode, where you start looping through the alphabet to find a word that fits your earlier Wordle attempts. Word Muse will not give you the solution per se but a list of suggestions that can work, given the c…
Word Muse on the Apple App store

The apps are now 3 weeks in the store, and interestingly enough, there have not been any sales. Now that may have been because of the steep price of $4.99. I priced it that way as an experiment and to be able to try out Apple app advertising. The price for a click-thru is high. I'll start experimenting with this in April.

Word Muse - Wordle assistant - Apps on Google Play
Need a little help with that next Wordle word? Word Muse to the rescue.
Word Muse on the Android Play Store

So far, I have not aggressively marketed the app. I only mentioned in one comment on the Reddit Wordle channel. And since then seen some regular traffic come to the web application. A Reddit reader was pretty impressed by the app as he tried out it out, and with Word Muse solved the Wordle in 3 attempts.

Reddit comment of someone trying out Word Muse

With the release of Word Muse I published my 3rd app this year, keeping me on track with my goal of releasing an app per month. I created a portfolio where you can find the applications I released so far.