Aruba video highlights

The last few days in Aruba before returning home were eventful. Monday night, we had our final pickleball session at the Aruba Pickleball Federation. It has been both a pleasure and a treasure.

Watching the planes at our favorite beach bar

Earlier in the day, we drove to Baby Beach. In the past, we experienced great snorkeling here, but today the current was very strong, and as a result, I (along with the other snorkelers) didn't dare to leave the bay for the spots I remember being really nice.

Baby beach

On Tuesday, we rented mountain bikes to go on one more ride on the northeast shore mountain bike trails. We met up with Paul again and tackled a bunch of trails. I even navigated some of the more advanced rock features. Unfortunately, my left hand hit one of the rocks, and the scrape on the top of my hand bled quite a bit. Paula's wrist sweatband came to the rescue.

Paula mountain biking

The next day, on our last morning in Aruba, we went for a jog, followed by a swim, before packing up and heading to the airport. It was a long trip, and we arrived home after midnight.

Hike / Run along the shore

We were pleasantly surprised by the nice weather when we woke up the next morning. So, Paula and I went for a short road ride in Conway. My Seven brand right shoe or cleat felt a little weird, more on that later. It was a nice warm-up for our pickleball session later that day.

Paula climbing up Shelburne Falls road

We resumed work on our bathroom renovation this week, and Friday was spent all day with the bathroom.

Installing greenboard in the bathroom

On Saturday morning, we had another pickleball session at the town hall. With the weather still good, I had planned a longish ride in the afternoon. When I went out with different shoes than last Thursday, the right pedaling still didn't feel right. So it wasn't the shoes, perhaps the pedal. I attempted to replace the pedal but had a hard time removing it. I also noticed there was some play when I applied force to the pedal. It turned out the crankarm had gotten loose from the spider. So, I changed bikes and went out on my Mud Honey bike for a shorter loop. On the way out, I ran into my neighbors Kathy and Sarah, and after mentioning the crankarm story, they reminded me about the Shimano crank arm recall. So when I got home, it turned out my crankset was affected by the recall. After a call to Northampton Cycling, I made an appointment for the next day to drop off the bike for repair.

Cranky shimano crank

The next day, I dropped off the bike and also went to pick up drywall for the bathroom renovation project.

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