This week we visited Julius, Taylor, and our granddaughter Cecilia on the West coast.

Before our trip on Tuesday, we played some pickleball in town the night before. We flew out of Hartford, Connecticut, with a layover in Atlanta and landed just before arriving at LAX. After picking up our rental car, we drove to Orange to say hello.

Paula, Julius and Cecelia

Over the next couple of days, we enjoyed visiting Cecilia, feeding her, listening to her gurgling sounds, and seeing her smiles. Every day we went for a walk with her and Julius.

Santa Ana River

On Thursday, I borrowed Julius's mountain bike and went for a spin along the Santa Ana River. The trip was about 14 miles with nice weather and some great views of the snow-capped Sierras in the distance.

Pickeball in Veterans Sports park Tusto,

Paula and I found a pickleball court at the Veterans Sports Park in Tustin, the next town over. There were six courts, and we played pickleball for about two hours. At that moment, it became pretty hot. We also heard about additional pickleball courts a half mile from there, which we planned to visit next Monday.

Friendly pickelballer offered to take our picture

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter at Julius and Taylor's. We had an egg salad breakfast, went for another walk, and had lamb chops for dinner.