I got sick at the end of the week (not COVID), and as a result, I didn't do any sports for the last few days of the week.

Still snow

Monday was the partial eclipse. I went out for a short ride through town and chatted with some eclipse watchers. They lent me some glasses to see it as well.

Eclipse glasses

Later that afternoon, I played pickleball. I got hit by a pickleball in my neck, which gave me a dotted hickey

Pickleball hickey

The next day, I participated for the first time this year in the NCC Time Trial/Hill Climb series. It started with the Long TT, which begins in Hatfield, goes to Deerfield, and then back, covering 18.1 miles. For a warmup, I drove to the turning point in Deerfield and rode to the start. I finished the time trial in 51:11 with an average wattage of 235 watts. Afterwards, I rode back to my car as a cooldown, totaling 39 miles.

NCC TT riders gagthering at the start

Wednesday morning, I went for my regular 2.1-mile run through town. Later that day, I did an easy 40-minute spin on Zwift.

Cocktails at the Lake house

For the rest of the week, besides feeling sick, the weather wasn't great either, so I had no sports activities. However, we did go for beer and pizza at Treehouse on Friday with John, Pamela, Megan, and Jay. Saturday night we went to the Lake House for some cocktail tasting by our pickleball friend John.

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