As usual, a two-hour pickleball session on Monday. And because it was Jan's birthday, we went to the Conway Inn for a celebratory beverage.

On the porch of the Conway Inn

Again on interval Tuesday, an "Quick and Dirty 30s" interval session. Afterward also did a pickleball session. That was too much, as I tweaked a glute muscle.

Pamela amidst the blooming Mountain Laurel

The next day, I joined Pamela with a remote start from Leverett. It was a pre-ride for the Winter Laurel ride she had planned for Saturday later in the week. The route was a mainly gravel ride that took us through Wendell state forest. And the feature of the ride was the blooming Winter Laurel which seemed to be everywhere. I was unfortunate when my rear tire got punctured, and it did not have enough sealant to fill the hole despite another plug from Pamela. All in a beautiful 41-mile route with 3800ft of climbing. We just beat the thunderstorms by an hour.

The plugged tire

Thursday was another pickleball session, and I met up with Dusty Friday morning to go for a trail run. We ran the beaver pond loop with sections lined with blooming winter laurel. We ran almost 5 miles in 50 minutes. Saturday, I did an easy 40 min spin on the indoor trainer.

Dusty on the Beaver pond trail 

I wanted to show Paula the Winter Laurel on Beaver Pond Sunday, and we did a 4.5-mile hike from our house. Fortunately, it was a bit breezy, which kept the insects in check. Although I did pick off a tick from my leg. The Laurel blossoms were beautiful, mainly white, some pinkish.

Paula pretty amidst Pink.

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