Monday started out with a pickleball session. Followed by my interval training tabatas training on Tuesday. I do these intervals after almost an hour of legs strength training, so that makes them even harder.

Tabatas, getting in and out of the hole 3 times

Wednesday morning, I went for my regular run, it was pretty misty and darkish, but nice and cool.

Dark but cool morning run

In the late afternoon drove to Amherst to train with the NCC Cyclocross crew.

Figure 8, note it is 12 steps not 20.

I had setup a figure 8 cornering practice course and rode 4 sessions of 5 minutes. Two clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise.

Tito riding the figure 8 course.

The next morning, John, Pamela and I rode to the D2R2 grounds to help with setup for the event on Saturday. After setting up tables and chairs in the tent we helped with fencing of the fields. Later in the afternoon played another session of pickleball.

The orange ski fencing we setup for D2R2, tent in the background.

Friday took it easy to get my legs rested for D2R2. I did drive to the D2R2 tent in the late afternoon to meet some of the other participants for dinner. Mike and Sandra were there. Also Patria and Rob from NEER showed up with there bus and were serving pasta.

Little snack stop after a climb

The next morning Mike, John and I rode to the D2R2 start. While descending into the valley we already saw some of the 180k riders heading up the hill. When I arrived I had a quick riders with their Seven photoshoot with Rob. Soon after we (John, Sean, Jason, Matt and I) left to ride the mystery ride. The mystery ride would takes us north west into Vermont. With some familiar but also some unfamiliar climbs.

Climbing Steel Brooke Road

I took it a little easier on the climbs in the beginning in order to have some energy for the 100+ miles and 11,000 feet of climbing. In Vermont the route took us into some interesting terrain which required us to bushwack for almost a mile.

Bushwacking our way back on route

But when we were through that we were rewarded with a nice view of the dam. After the dam we started work our way back to Deerfield. It was then mainly downhill, with the exception of Patton hill. I had taken a gel just before and felt I flew up. From here it was an easy ride back to the finish. All and all a great day with lots of hard climbs, wicked descents and beautiful vistas.

D2R2 video recap

Sunday morning Mike, Sandra, Paula and I played some pickleball with a couple who was already there to setup the course. That made for a nice pickleball session.

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D2R2 Mystery route is prominent