Monday, I took the bike for a spin along Reed Bridge and back via Sherburne Falls rd and picked up a package at the post office. In the afternoon, we played pickleball at the town sports fields.

Tuesday, I went for a quick ride to the CSA to pick up some milk at the CSA. This was a warmup for my leg strength training. I followed the strength training with some Tabatas on the indoor trainer.

NCC CX Training

Wednesday, I went to Amherst for the NCC CX training. I set up the figure 8 and did a bunch of loops before the other riders showed up. Today, Ben from Ghost CX gave us a preview of the Ghost course in the UMass Orchards.

Ben explaining the Ghost course

The course had some significant new cool sections but also some old favorites, like the drop and the long sweepy descent along the walkway. I brought the Hover Air X1 drone, and we made some video coverage used as Ghost CX promotional material on Instagram, I also posted it on youtube.

Ghost preview video

We did another pickleball session on Thursday. Friday, I took a rest day. As I needed to rest my legs some.

Our daughter and granddaughter had arrived this week from Austria. And on Saturday, we went for a stroll through town. Later in the afternoon, I went for a ride to open the legs for the Blunt Park race the next day. I took the regular route along Roaring Brook Rd.

Visit to theSouth river with Paula, Florence and granddaughter

The race at Blunt Park started Sunday at 11 a.m. So, I made sure to be there before the Men's 40+ race began to do a course inspection. They had added two new sections and, guess what, more roots!

Start og the Blunt Park Men's 40+ race

After registering, I did a full warmup on a nearby track. I had a good start in the race but got nilled when I lost my balance and got caught by a branch. That cost me a few places. Most I got back over the next lap. When I finally caught up to one of the riders I was chasing, I hit a tree with my shoulder. I hit it so hard that a sizeable dead section fell off onto the course.

The piece that broke off the tree by me. Notice the water bottle cap for scale.

Fortunately, I did not get hit. After, I did lose my mojo a bit and crashed a few more times before finishing in 14th place. That was 2 places lower than I was placed. My overall fitness seemed good.

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Rides and walk in Conway, CX training in amherst and race in Blunt park Springfield.