Monday, we traveled back home from North Carolina. Our flight was later in the day. Before breakfast, I did a 2.5-mile run in Old Salem.

Old Salem Coffee pot

After driving the 1.5 hours to Raleigh, we had time to explore Forest Hill Park by hiking the more than 4-mile path on the peninsula.

Back home on Tuesday, I did my Tabata interval training, not on the indoor trainer this time, but outdoors. I rode a loop over Main Poland, North Poland, Bullet, Murray, Saban and Pine Hill.

Hill Tabata intervals, def not as clean as on the indoor trainer.

Our three-week vacation to Europe started on Wednesday when we left Hartford, CT, for Munich in Germany with a redeye after a stopover in Detroit.

Late afternoon walk in Werfenweng

Our first stop was in Austria, where we arrived at our daughter Florence, , her husband Seppi, and our granddaughter Isabella on Thursday afternoon. In the afternoon, we went for a short walk with Isabella in the baby stroller.

Also on our walk

Friday, I set up the Trek gravel bike that I have stored there with my Garmin Rally pedals. I went for a loop into the valley and via some back roads. A pleasant 16-mile loop. The weather had been cold and wet the last few weeks but was clearing up.

View from the bike

Our stay in Austria was short; the next day, we drove to Italy for our next stop, a visit to Venice. We had booked an Airbnb on a peninsula across the laguna from Venice. We arrived early before our check-in and walked along the pier to the lighthouse. After we had settled in the house, I took out the bike for a quick spin to check out some of the logistics for the next day: car parking and what ferry to take.
We spent all day Sunday in Venice visiting the sites.

The pier at the Peninsula across from Venice

Our golden ticket to see various parts of town was an all-day ferry pass, and we even had lunch on Lido.

The grand canal in Venice

We met with Mike, Sandra, Erin, and Mason for dinner. After, we took the ferry back to our Airbnb.

Leaving Venice with the Ferry

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