This will be a short post as I got Covid this week. It was to be expected, Paula had already tested positive the Saturday before. She did quarantine in the guest room. We would wear masks when in the same room. But on Tuesday, I started to feel weaker.

My mistake was instead of backing off not feeling great, I did a hard training session on Tuesday. First, I did my leg strengthening workout, followed by the Tabatas. Unlike last week, I was now able to complete the three sets. I even had some energy, although not a lot, to do the NCC indoor time trial. A 20+ minute hard effort, I kept it in the sweet spot. For sure was not able to do an FTP+ effort.


The next day I started to feel really crappy. So far, I had tested negative daily, but on Thursday, I tested positive for the first time. Now I had a stuffy head, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, and no energy.

After a few days of keeping low, Sunday, I did a short walk, but I definitely was not feeling it.