As usual, I started the week with a pickleball session. There was no NCC Hill Climb race this week, and I used this slot to do an FTP training on Zwift.

Wiggins work out, 5 min warmup, sweetspot and 400+watt intervals

The next day, Paula and I rode to Shelburne Falls to see the swollen Deerfield River at the Salmon Falls. A few days before, there had been torrential rain, and it showed in the river. After visiting the falls, we went for hot chocolate at Mocha Maya. In the evening, we had another pickleball session.

Metal art along Baptist corner

On Friday, I went for an outdoor ride with Dusty, who was on his new Cannondale bike. We stayed mainly on the regular roads and rode via West Whately along West Brook and back home through Whately.

Dusty and his new Cannondale

On Friday, we played another pickleball session. Saturday, I took it easy, and on Sunday, Paula and I went for a long walk to visit the CSA, which had reopened after a renovation. We noticed that the South River had again shifted more into the farm field.

South river

Rides to Shelburne Falls and Whately