This week was cyclocross watching heaven, as almost every day there was a European cyclocross race to watch. The dreary weather did not invite us to go outside, so some indoor entertainment was welcome.

Pumpkin Hollow at full moon

On Monday, Christmas Day, we took a short walk, around sunset, after a long Christmas video call with the children and grandchildren.

The next day, we had a pickleball session in the town hall. It felt good to build up a sweat after the yummy duck that Paula had cooked for Christmas dinner.

Fields Hill

On Wednesday, we walked up Fields Hill to get some fresh air. The whole town was covered in fog, mixed with smoke from the chimneys in Pumpkin Hollow. In the afternoon, I did another workout on Zwift. It was called At-Over-Under. The workout consisted of riding three sets of 3 minutes at threshold, then 3 minutes over threshold, and then 3 minutes below threshold, with a 1-minute recovery.

Three At-Under-Over intervals on Zwift

Thursday, I took a day off, and on Friday, we played another pickleball session. Saturday morning, I rode for 90 minutes on the trainer at an endurance pace. In the afternoon, we got some fresh air with a short walk through Pumpkin Hollow.

View from Academy Hill rd on Pumpkin Hollow

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Three walks in Conway