Fully back in New England winter, we started the week with a pickleball session. Followed by a run through town.

The next day, Tuesday, I was back at Zwift with a race up Leith Hill. This is a short climb that I finished in 7:07 with an average of 289 watts. Definitely not a record breaking attempt. The legs were still tired from to 100+ mile weekend.

Up Leight Hill

Next day did an ez 45 minute spin again on Zwift. On Thursday I had a chance to fill in someone spot to play pickleball at 4:30pm. I then had to rush back to the house after just over an hour to participate in the NCC Zwift race. The race was the castle crit on the Makuri Islands. 5 Laps on what seems to be a never ending climb. Blew myself up after the first lap but was able to recover and joined the follow group with Melissa and Laurel and finished with them. I finished in 16th place with a nominal power 269 watts.

Racing 5 laps of Castle Crit, with a recovery lap

Friday I did a 37 minute walk through town. Saturday morning we did a pickleball session. First we played an hour with friends who were just getting into pickleball and then we did a regular 2 hour session.

View from Maple street

Saturday the temps had turned cold again and I joined Jason and John for a 18 mile fat bike ride in the snow of Hawley. We did 2 monster climbs, which definitely  kept me warm. I also found out that had my saddle to low, I had always wondered why I could not produce my normal power on this bike. But the combination of the 170mm crank arm and the thicker winter boot soles requires me to probably raise the saddle 1-2 cm. Next time..

Bridge at the foot of Middle road

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Walk in Conway, Ride in Hawley