Back from Austria, I drove back Monday morning to Conway. In time to play some pickleball in the afternoon.

Old and worn front derailleur

Tuesday installed the new front derailleur I ordered for the Seven EverOrange. I went for a quick spin along Reeds' bridge and back along Sherburne Falls Road. The Derailleur shifted very well again. The old one was severely worn and would no longer move the chain over in the big chainring.

Reeds bridge road

On Thursday, I had an appointment with the cardiologist to discuss the stress test results I had done earlier. Since I had no chest pain since returning from Austria, I wanted to test if I could get it back by making some hard efforts. So on Wednesday, I did my opener workout. It has a 5-minute tempo effort, three 1-minute Vo2Max efforts and 3 sprints. It felt terrific, no crazy heart rate spikes and, despite the effort, stayed below 160 bpm. Also, during my first sprint, I got 1032 watts as max power, which I had not seen for a while.

Openers workout with heartrate upto 158

The cardiologist had some excellent news. Based on the stress test and the EKG she took during the visit, she thinks there is nothing wrong with y heart. There were some skipped heartbeats and spikes but not enough to be out of the ordinary. Just in case, she does want me to wear a heartrate monitor for 2 weeks and a CT Scan of my heart.

Paula and I played pickleball for 2 hours in the town hall on Saturday morning.

3X10Min intervals in tempo zone

Since the doctor gave me, an all-clear did an interval training on Sunday. Three 10 minutes of effort in the tempo zone. The maximum heart rate was 145 bpm.

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This week just 2 outdoor rides from Conway