I spend the whole week in Burke at the Bike Barn. Monday thru Friday stayed at the Farm house and for the weekend when Paula joined me, moved in the the barn itself.

Monday, after driving up from Conway to Burke, rode a quick fat bike loop on the Kingdom Trails.

Fat bike shadow play

Tuesday morning early went by myself to do the hillclimb up Mtn Burke. I had setup the Mudhoney for up hill riding with a 34/36 easiest gear. Despite that I still had to take a break after the wall. Then continued on, this was one of my slowest ascents.

Burke waiting in the distance

After breakfast Mike and I went for a 35 mile gravel loop along river road in an easy pace. It got pretty hot in the middle of the ride, high 80s.

Gravel ride with Mike

Wednesday Mike and I went for an ez / shortish fat bike loop on the KT. But we were soon caught by a rain shower and we sat it out under cover of a woodshed. We waited for about 30 minutes before it cleared up.

We continued our ride, but soon disaster struck again as Mike's rear wheel picked up a stick that ended up in his derailleur. In a split second it got completely destroyed. After he called Sandra to pick him up, I continued the loop and without further mishaps completed the 6 mile loop.

While Mike's derailleur still worked

The next day I went up mtn Burke again. This time it went much better. I was even able to ride "the wall" completely standing. I completed the 0.2 mile 18% section in 3 mins with an avg power of 296 watts. I improved my climb time with 3.5 min from two days before.

Foggy morning at Burke

After breakfast went out for a ride with John and Pamela. They were on their tandem. We did a gravel loop around the Rader tower north east. An area I had not ridden before. There was one section underneath the powerline that was rolling with steep climbs and descents. We did get caught by some wetness, but nothing too bad and then worked our way south again towards Burke.

John and Pamela on the tandem

Friday I decided to go for a long fat bike ride to a section of trails I had not been before: East Haven. I rode 21 miles and hit some real nice swoopy trails.

On the trail Big F*cking Rock

Saturday we did a remote start from Craftsbury. Pamela had made a 24 mile loop with beautiful views and also brought us along the Farm hillstead brewery. We were with 4 riders: Gary, Sarah, Paula and myself. We took our time and by the time we got back at the start, were very hungry and had a tasty Italian sandwich.

Paula, Gary and Sarah graveling

Sunday I had a big day with 3 different rides. I started out with climbing Burke again. This time I was joined by Pamela, Domi and Will. Will and I rode together for a bit but at some point could not keep his tempo, but I did finish in a faster time than 2 days before with 30:16 (40 seconds faster).

Will and I riding towards Burke mtn

After breakfast Paula and I did an improvised short loop (21miles) that brought us on King George road, where we run into the main group of riders. We rode with them for a bit and then peeled off again.

Paula connecting with the larger group

And I still did not have enough as in the afternoon Mike and I went for a fat bike ride and did a 14 mile loop on the KTs. Big day and big week with 217 miles and a TSS of 919.

Mike on his way to heaven's bench

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