After licking my wounds from the crash on the gravel at the midnight ride of cyclocross did not ride on Monday.

Tuesday morning heard the news that Paula's mom passed away and we had to make travel plans for the funeral in Holland. Turned out we were leaving the next day for an 8 day trip. Tuesday night I did the CrissCross interval training followed by an NCC timetrial. Where the week before the Tabatas were a great warmup / opener for the timetrial after, this time my muscles were tired from the hard intervals. I finished 3rd last but also not too far back from the faster riders. I averaged 266 watts for the 20+ minutes.

20+ minute timetrial effort highlighted in blue

The first opportunity to train again was on Saturday morning at my brother's in the Netherlands where I did a 2.6 mile morning run in the fields around the house.

Misty morning run

Later that day I brought a wheel with broken spokes to the local bike store Scholten for repair and returned...  with a new gravel bike. I bought a gravel bike from Cube. The Nuroad Pro.

New bike day: Cube Nuroad Pro

The next day used a gravel route from the Coevorder Cycling club to do a 38 mile loop. The ride had an amazing amount of trails in the fields, forest. It was a Sunday so there were many walkers, a bell would have been nice, but a friendly goodmorning greeting worked as well.

Trails on the Gravel route

This week in Veloviewer

Ride and run in Holland