Still in Holland. Tuesday morning went for a 3.2 mile run. It was very windy and occasionally got hit by some flying sand.

Longest beech tree road in Holland

The next day went for a 45 mile ride on my new gravel bike with a route that partially went through Germany. Just after crossing the border I followed the river the Vecht towards Emlichheim. The bike path went over and sometimes along the dike, until the path disappeared and I had to take a detour to pick up the trail a few kilometers later along the Vecht. Just before returing into Holland I went through an area where they were pumping oil with "jaknikkers".

Jaknikker (yes nodder) oil production facility

In Holland they stopped oil production for years, but in Germany it was still going in action. Back in Holland I rode passed the town Erica where I saw the greenhouses where I used to work as teenager cutting flowers. Shortly after I rode along the Stieltjeskanaal where we used to live on our farm. The farm has now been completely rebuild.

rebuild farm we used to live in the 1980s

We flew back on Thursday and I drive after to Conway. Being jet lagged did not have much energy hence only a ez spin on Friday and Sunday.

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