After the double race at NOHO in the weekend, took Monday off as a rest day.

Tuesday morning did my regular run, with the clock turned back to winter time, the weekend before, it was light again when I went outside. It was in high 30's and gloves were needed for the first time.

Pumpkin Hollow's frosty scene

Tuesday evening I participated in the NCC Zwift time trial. We did the Central Park Perimeter loop. I used this loop in the past as a cyclocross training loop. It is a very rolling course and I used the uphills to accelerate and the downhills to recover. I applied the same technique during the time trial with good result as I got a 3rd place. Although I probably could have done even better if I had known the length of the course better.

Wednesday morning went for a fat bike ride with John on his mountain bike, we delayed our intended start time as it was raining. But 45 minutes later at 8am it was dry and we went for a short loop up Cricket hill road into the trails of the Conway forest and then back down again Old Cricket rd.

John on the trails in the Conway Forest

Thursday was Veterans day and Mike had organized a ride from his house in Buckland. There was runner's group, a mountain bike group and our road group. Our loop went up along Apple Valley road towards Plainfield and via Hawley and  Clemson brook road back to Buckland. After we returned and changed into regular clothes we had food and drinks.

Gary descending Orcut into Buckland

Friday I did quick spin on the trainer to loosen up the legs. After having driving 2 hrs from Arlington, which I went to on Thursday after the party.

On Saturday I did openers on my regular route along Whately and Roaring brook road. Legs felt pretty good. Did some additional sprint runs, as I had trouble clipping in fast.

Lakenvelders on Roaring brook

Sunday at 10:45 was my cyclocross race in Putney. I was there in time to get 1 pre-ride in. The first part of the course was ok, the second part was very muddy and had large puddles. I had taken the Honey and now was in doubt, with the muddy conditions, if the Seven with the disk brakes and more aggressive mud tires would not be a better choice. Decided against it as the Seven had some chain issues in the mud of Orchard cross. Regretted this later.

We (cat 4-5 45+) started 1 minute after the 35+. My start sprint got a little hampered by me not clipping in quickly, but I entered as 4th into the first corner. I was going to settle (follow) for a while, but Chris got away from Greg and I did not want a gap to open, so I bridged the gap.

Chris out of view has a gap on Greg at the start (Photo Paula)

I was planning to sit on Chris' wheel for the next lap or two to see how things would develop. But in the muddy back wood trail he got stuck and I ended up front. After the corn field he ended back on my wheel, I slowed down a little to let him get ahead, but did not bite. After the runups I had a gap on Chris and decided to just build it out.

Runup first lap, notice Chris just behind (photo Paula)

However after another half a lap my legs just did not have the power I had gotten used the last few races. And it did not get better, and soon I got over taken by the other riders and finished 8th as my legs never came back. Hopefully this was just a one time lapse.

Working hard with all that mud on me and the bike (Photo Peter)

Here the week on Veloviewer

Fat bike ride, Openers and run run Conway, Vet day ride in Buckland, CX race in Putney