After the double race on Saturday and the Mountain bike adventure on Sunday had a sore muscle in my left calf. So decided to take it easy during the beginning of the week.

Stop motion video from Ice weasels Fat BIke race.

On Tuesday did an ez 40 minute spin on the indoor trainer. I joined the warmup for the NCC TT and after they started their time trial, I continued my spin.

Wednesday was an exciting day as our (Paula and me) Chrismas present arrived... early. I had given Paula and myself a indoor rowing machine from Concept 2. Paula used to row when she in college and I wanted the rower for an ez way to do a full body warmup. I also plan to do some cardio workouts on it.

Concept 2 RowErg rowing indoor rowing machine (Made in Vermont)

On Thursday my calf felt better and I joined the NCC Zwift race. This time the race was a 5.8 mile loop in NeoTokyo. I had done a full warmup and joined the other NCC riders just before the start of the race. I learned that especially with larger races it is better to join early as you will have a better start position. After the start I worked hard to be at the front group, but just before me the peleton broke, I should have gunned for it, but was waiting for someone to bridge the gap, that did happen but was too late and he fell back, I gave it another try but blew myself up. After that I rode with about 10 other riders just after the lead group. I did a few pulls and at some point Michael joined our group. Then about half way there was a climb and the group broke up again. I was then with only a few riders and descended towards the finish. At one of the intermediate sprints I had gotten an aero helmet power up and I was ready to activate it about 0.3 mile before the finish, unfortunately I hit the space bar to activate it too early at .5 miles. I decided to just make it a long sprint, that worked for most part of the other riders in my group only one got me back before the finish in the end I finished still relatively good. My power output was pretty good as well with and average of 303 watts and 4w/kg over the 12:55 race. Pretty short actually. I finished 24th out of 174. Most of the other NCC riders made it in the top 12. Definitely will be there earlier and not let myself be surprised by the start surge.

NCC Zwift race + cool down, in the middle my too soon sprint

Saturday the weather was pretty bad. And had planned the tuneup for my Seven Evergreen. I had broken the left shifter on Thanksgiving day and had ordered a new shifter set and handlebar tape. Since the shifters came with all the cables and cable housing decided to do a complete tuneup: replaced both shifters, cable housing, cables and handle bar. Came out really nice.

After I did a 30 minute rowing session. Relatively easy with my heartrate averaging just below 100bpm, but focussing on technique and having my body adapt to this new exercise. Especially my arms and upper back were complaining a little. After this session, I did an ez 40 spin on the indoor bike trainer.

On Sunday the weather was nice, but was too busy with various tasks and around the house and did not get to ride my bike. What did not help either was that I watched the US Cyclcross nationals race and a race in Europe. Probably first time all year I did not ride or run outside for a whole week.

No Veloviewer picture as there was no outdoor riding / running.