Monday no workouts and Tuesday Paula and I hiked a loop from the CSA.

Bridge at the CSA

On Wednesday I joined the NCC crew for social ride on Zwift. We rode the 20 mile TickTock route in Watopia. All fun and some banter.

Thursday morning John, Jay and I went for a fatbike ride to DAR. The conditions were good nice and ther was a 2-4 inches layer of crispy snow.

On the lake into the sunrise

We also rode over the lake which was fun. There was an ice fisherman and we saw various fishing holes. Overall a 10 mile loop.

Fishing hole

Since we liked it so much we went back the next day, unfortunately conditions were less favorable, the thaw had alread set in and the snow was soggy, but since it was all going to melt away we went ahead and rode anyway. It was definitely harder to ride and we did not dare to go on the lake. In the end we rode 8 miles.

John and Jay in DAR

Saturday no workout and Sunday Paula and I went for a hike through town. We visited a new structure that arisen in a field. It is called a Stupa. It was a mixture between a Asian stone dome structure and a Native American totem representing a black crow. Pretty cool.

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2 Fat bike rides in DAR and 2 hikes in Conway