English is my second language, Dutch is my mother tongue. When I developed Wordrow it came with a English wordset. The first thing my siblings in Europe said when I showed them Wordrow is: ... That is nice but can we play it in Dutch.

So as of today I added the Dutch wordset to Wordrow and you can play Wordrow now with a Dutch wordset as well as a English one.

Wordrow language picker

Personally I was surprised what a mental shift it took to play Wordrow in Dutch. With almost 25 years living in the US it feels almost if English has become my first language. And the scores show it, with the English wordset my high score is now 59 words in the Fast playing mode and 42 with the Dutch wordset. When I play the Dutch version my brain wants to form English words. Now fortunately the Dutch language is pretty open to foreign language words and words like robot, start, score are considered Dutch. It may also be a matter of time and getting used to playing it in Dutch again. Verdict is still out.

Now with me adding support for a 2nd language it is actually relatively easy to another language and my next target is probably Spanish if I can get a good word set.

How is your Dutch, want to give it a try? Or try to English version. Try it out on wordrow.fun