We had some excellent snow last week, and therefore winter was back.
Monday, I started out with a Fat bike ride in DAR. I heard that Nemba (New England Mountain bike association) had organized a ride there the day before and had laid down a new single track.

Long trail with pond in the background

That turned out to be the case, and after a brief climb on the road with loose snow, the single-track was nice and solid. I rode the Long trail to and along the lake, where I turned around and rode back on the same path for an almost 6-mile ride.

Fat bike trails on the right.

After packing the bike back in my little Honda Fit, I drove to Berkshire East and met Dusty to do some skiing. I had forgotten to turn on my watch, so I don't know how many runs we did. In the end, we skied for about 2 hours. I had to be back in time for pickleball at 4pm.

Heartrate lmit at 150bpm

On Tuesday, I raced the Zwift Epic KOM route with my NCC teammates. Again, I kept my heart rate below 150 and finished at 27:30. The average power output was 249 watts with an average of 144 bpm.

Dusty pointing out treacherous conditions on the slopes

Wednesday, more skiing as there had been another 12 inches of snow on Tuesday. We were not alone, as the Massachusetts High school championships took place. They had moved the event from the day before due to the snowstorm. I hadn't seen the parking lot as full as today. Fortunately, the slopes were not as busy as most folks seemed to be spectators. The parents had brought tents and barbecues and had set up camp at the base of the hill. It was pretty cozy. I did 16 ski runs, Dusty even more. It was a good day of skiing.

Impromptu ski base camp 

Thursday, I did an easy spin on the trainer and, after 40 minutes, called it a day.
On Saturday, Paula and I played pickleball and did a short hike on Sunday.

View of Pumpkin Hollow

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Fat bike ride in DAR and hike in Conway