This week, we traveled to Czechia to watch the World Championship Cyclocross in Tábor. We were able to fit in a pickleball session on Monday and Tuesday morning before leaving for the airport and managed to squeeze in the NCC Hill Climb race. It went up the Volcano climb. I finished it in 7:59 with an average of 320 watts.

Racing the Volcano climb, pretty constant power, ramped up in the end

We took a quick flight from Hartford to Detroit, followed by a redeye flight to Amsterdam, and concluded the long travel with a flight to Prague.

Schiphol airport

The next day, we walked 7.7 miles through the city of Prague, visited various sites such as the book tower, the astronomical clock, the Charles Bridge, the Changing of the Guard, the Petřín elevator, and the Dancing House. Later that night, we went for dinner at the fancy restaurant Mlýnec for a splendid 4-course meal with matching wines.

On Friday, we returned to the airport to pick up a rental car and drove to Tábor. We had planned to see the relay cyclocross but missed it as I had the start time wrong. So, we just saw the ceremony and, while walking the course, saw a number of riders training.

The next day, we walked 7.6 miles and watched 3 different races. Sunday, before heading out to the races, I did a quick 2.3-mile run. At the event, we saw another 3 races and walked 8.3 miles. I wrote a separate blog post about the World Championship.

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Lots of walking in Czechia this week. Prague siteseeing Tabor watching CX Worlds