I started working on my web development framework, Reken, over 2 years ago. My initial commit dated May 4th, 2021. Since then, I have done 226 commits.

However, the project did not get a lot of attention. Up to 2 months ago, the project received a few stars. But after someone posted Reken on various Reddit communities, traffic to the website and GitHub page exploded. There was also a sharp increase of stars; today, on July 17th, it received its 50th star.

As a beginning open-source developer, you work in a vacuum, and GitHub Stars is a great tool to see recognition for the work.

Since I anticipated this to happen soon, I added a festive touch to the website. When the milestone is reached, each visitor to the https://reken.dev website will see a 50-star shower.

The moment is now; fortunately, it worked (no bugs). Once the 51-st star is received, the star shower will stop. It will reappear once the 100th star is received, basically every 50th star.

Implementating the star animation was done with SVG element. The elements are dynamically created as Reken star components and animated with CSS. The start and stop of the animation is also orchestrated with Reken.

Check it out before it is too late.

Reken - Fast reactive HTML compliant web pages
Reken - Fast reactive HTML compliant web pages
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